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Capital: Accra
Population: 24+ Million
Area: 238,533 square kilometers
Major Religions: Christianity, indigenous beliefs, Islam
Music: Highlife and Hiplife

Below: the former slave trading castle in Elmina
Above: fishing boats at Cape Coast

People in Ghana are very friendly and have a great sense of humour. Dancing, drumming, and soccer are the favourite activities. Life can be hard for the average Ghanaian - people get by with very little compared to western standards. Fishing, farming and cocoa production are the main industries. There are over 50 native languages spoken in Ghana including Fante, Ewe, Asante, Ga, & Twi.

The standard handshake in Ghana includes a finger snap!

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Ghana a relatively stable democratic country in West Africa along what was once called the Gold Coast. English is the national language as Ghana was a British colony from 1874 until 1957 when Ghana became the first sub-Saharan African nation to achieve independence.