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Kids of Star of the Sea School

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Teaching Group C inside a bamboo classroom

How did Star Of The Sea School get started?
The school has been built over the last few years by a young Ghanaian named Mr. Sampson, who has put his heart and soul (and personal wages) into this project. The school currently runs part time with classes in the evenings. Most of the kids also attend the local public school during the day.

Why is this school so important?
There are many families in this village who can not afford to send their children to the local public school. Class sizes can also reach up to 70 kids per class in the lower grades! As well, the public school in the village of Besease still allows children to be caned on a daily basis - often for simply answering a question incorrectly. This violence discourages children from participating in and attending class - not to mention it propagates serious negative social problems at a young and impressionable age. Because of these issues Star Of The Sea School was founded to create a caring, efficient, and engaging learning environment in which the children of Besease are able to progress properly in their education.

Education is the key to a child's success, health, and happiness.

Our goal is to provide free education for children in the village of Besease in an engaging environment free from the threat of physical punishments.

Mr Sampson in front of the school