Volunteering at Star of the Sea School in Ghana

Overview of Volunteer Experience
This project has been designed to give volunteers an affordable, fun, meaningful, and authentic African experience. Volunteers will be teaching classes to the kids and helping with the day to day operations of Star of the Sea School here in Besease, Ghana. No previous teaching experience is required.

Support and Welcoming
Your host in Ghana is Sampson Yahans, an educated local Ghanaian who is the young founder and head teacher of Star of the Sea School. He will be supporting you throughout your stay with community orientation, basic teaching lessons, cultural lessons, as well as helping to answer any questions you have along the way.

An Average Day
Wake up and enjoy breakfast at 8:00 am. Head to the Besease public school to observe and help as an assistant teacher. Back to the volunteer house and Star of the Sea School for lunch. In the afternoon you have some free time to do as you wish, perhaps explore the community or just relax. Prior to dinner you will have some time set aside to prepare your lesson plan for the evening’s class. Today you may have a one hour drumming or language (Fante) lesson taught by Sampson. Dinner which will be a tasty local Ghanaian dish, takes place at about 6:00 pm. At 7:30 you begin teaching your class or two for the evening at Star of the Sea School. Afterwards, have some down time or hang out with the children until you are ready for sleep.

Free Time
You will have Saturday and Sundays off so you may relax in Besease or take the time to travel if you wish. There are many worthwhile places to visit including Elmina, Cape Coast, Kakum, and a few small beach towns which make for a great weekend getaway.


- Experience authentic Ghanaian culture and lifestyle
- Interact, teach, and learn from these energetic children
- Spectacular beaches and great swimming
- Explore Cape Coast, Elmina, and Africa’s oldest and most historic slave trading castles

What Difference Will You Make?
Where do we start?? By volunteering at Star of the Sea School you will be having a positive impact on numerous lives. Many of the children that attend the school come from families with very low incomes (by western standards) that are only able to supply their basic needs. By volunteering your time at Star of the Sea School you will be helping to address the shortage of teachers at this unique school. This is the only school in the area that is absolutely caning and violence free – and thus your support of this form of education is groundbreaking in the community. Star of the Sea is a privately run facility that does not have government funding to pay teacher salaries.

Learning English is also key to the future success of these students and you will play a short but instrumental role in helping them develop their English skills. In Ghana, if a person can properly learn the English language he or she will be able to access better employment.

Another benefit to the children and the community is the cultural exchange that takes place between volunteers and those that they interact with. Learning about foreign countries, cultures, and way of life is an eye opening experience for these children.

Perhaps the biggest difference that you will notice though will be the change in yourself. These are memories and challenges that you will not soon forget. Your immersion in Ghanaian culture will undoubtedly enrich your view of the world as a whole. The generosity and courage that it takes to volunteer your own time for the benefit of these children and this school will not only have an effect in this community, but it will open your own heart in a way that will influence the rest of your life.


Contact us and we will be happy to send you more information about volunteer options including costs, dates, details, as well as answer your questions.