Through December and January of 2012 L'Ecole Robb Road Elementary School has raised over $1200 CDN for Star of the Sea School. This grade 5 class has put a ton of effort into the fundraising which included bake sales, popcorn sales, and contests at their school. They should all be very proud of the work that they have done so far and the change that they have made.

The money raised has been sent to Ghana and is currently being used to purchase all new desks for the entire school of about 60+ students.

The two schools have also been writing letters back and forth for the past year now. Special thank you to Kiri Yourchik, the class leader and teacher.


We also have a partnership with a school in the UK. They have also raised a ton of money on their own which will be used to further improve the school. More info will be coming on this very soon....

Special thank you to Danny Smith and his mother Ellen who have taken on this partnership as well as doing their own amazing fundraising.

Star of the Sea School, Ghana


L'École Robb Road Elementary School, Canada